Residential Customers Treating Hard Water

Residential customers have been treating hard water with ScaleSafe in their homes for years.  We have now developed a new unit that is even easier for our residential customers to use – ScaleSafe Home!  With a sleek new design, it is lightweight and easier to install.  Use it to treat all the water in your home or just hot water.   You can find additional information regarding how hard water affects your home a

ScaleSafe Home

Over the last year, we have been working on a new product for our residential customers – ScaleSafe Home!   Within the United States, 85% of homes have hard water.  Wouldn’t you want to fight those hard water problems while making your home more efficient?  With ScaleSafe Home you can.  It is compact, durable and easy to use.  Look for our announcement in May to purchase one for your very own.


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New Promotion!

New Promotion!
As we enter Spring, we have a new promotion! New customers who have not purchased from us in the past are eligible to receive a free Klorman dispenser (KSD100) if you order a case of 16 cartridges. That’s a savings of $245! Call us today for details. Offer expires June 30, 2013.


Klorman Chlorine Water Treatment System – KLORMAN is an advanced modern system for continuous, controlled practical dosing of solid chlorine into water systems. Chlorine treatment of water is proven in its ability to kill disease-causing organisms; remove odors, slime, algae growth and other contaminants.


ScaleSafe is ” The Proven Hard Water Treatment Solution” – ScaleSafe acts as a scale inhibitor by distorting the almost perfect cube shape of calcium carbonate as it precipitates out of solution. By distorting the uniform shape, it will not allow the calcium carbonate to build up (deposit) on itself. It will also over time remove existing scale in the system. Furthermore, it increases the solubility of scale causing minerals. This helps keep them in solution as opposed to depositing as scale.


Limescale Buildup Prevention and Corrosion Control – The ScaleStick is a unique composition blended to provide superior limescale (calcium carbonate) prevention and corrosion control in  water fed equipment.


Buccaneer High Volume Chlorine Water Treatment System – The Buccaneer unit is designed to deliver HYPOCHLOR  into larger volumes of water.  The product is extremely versatile, and can be adapted to suit a large number of applications without the need for skilled supervision or maintenance. Buccaneer Chlorinators are available in single or multiple units, and can also be used to deliver high concentrations of chlorine in more specialized applications.

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