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The ScaleStick is a unique composition blended to provide superior limescale (calcium carbonate) prevention and corrosion control in  water fed equipment. The system feeds a controlled amount of  specially blended scale control compounds into the water stream  These compounds were chosen because they provide the most  effective treatment for the longest duration. The specially designed ScaleStick releases ScaleSafe at a constant rate resulting in consistent scale prevention and corrosion control for predictable periods of time. No electricity, maintenance or guess work is  required. A simple glance at the ScaleStick lets one know when replacement is needed.

Unlike standard scale control additives (polyphosphates), ScaleSafe is unaffected by high temperatures, thus providing unparalleled treatment for water fed equipment including steamers, proofers, combi-ovens, coffee and expresso machines.

The ScaleStick will not only prevent formation of new limescale deposits in equipment, it will remove existing scale over prolonged use.

ScaleStick Applications:

  • Coffee & Espresso Machines
  • Combi-ovens
  • Steamers
  • Ice Machines
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Distillers
  • Misting Systems
  • Bread Proofer

The ScaleStick was specifically designed to fit most standard 10″ pre-filter housings which allows it to be used in existing applications.

ScaleStick Specifications

We offer a variety of ScaleStick sizes to meet your specific needs.  Rated flow rate dependent on water usage characteristics & accompanying pre-filtration.  On flow rates less than 1 gpm, capacities may be reduced significantly

Treatment capacities for the ScaleSticks go up to 80,000 gallons depending on the application and water usage characteristics.  The chart below allow you to select the model that best suits your needs.

Item NumberWater TreatedWater FlowRefill Cartridge
PF 10 SSup to 6,000 gallons.1-1 gpmSS 10
PF 10 SS XLup to 25,000 gallons1-2 gpmSS XL
PF 10 SS EXTup to 40,000 gallons2-4 gpmSS EXT
PF 10 SS MAXup to 80,000 gallons2-6 gpmSS MAX

All units have a 3/4″ inlet/outlet.  A cut off valve is required prior to unit for filter replacement.


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