Klorman Chlorine Water Treatment System – KLORMAN is an advanced modern system for continuous, controlled practical dosing of solid chlorine into water systems. Chlorine treatment of water is proven in its ability to kill disease-causing organisms; remove odors, slime, algae growth and other contaminants.


Limescale Buildup Prevention and Corrosion Control – The ScaleStick is a unique composition blended to provide superior limescale (calcium carbonate) prevention and corrosion control in  water fed equipment.


Buccaneer High Volume Chlorine Water Treatment System – The Buccaneer unit is designed to deliver HYPOCHLOR  into larger volumes of water.  The product is extremely versatile, and can be adapted to suit a large number of applications without the need for skilled supervision or maintenance. Buccaneer Chlorinators are available in single or multiple units, and can also be used to deliver high concentrations of chlorine in more specialized applications.


Hypochlor Water Treatment Disinfection – HYPOCHLOR has been specifically designed to dissolve slowly and consistently. It is dispensed from a replaceable patented cartridge that is both easy to use and cost effective. When the cartridge is empty, which can be told with a simple glance at the unit, you just replace it with a full one.

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